Fun at the Photo Booth

Are you looking for a silly and wacky good time for your next party?  Why not have a photo booth party.  Your guests are sure to have loads of fun and lots of laughter.

The photo above uses Photo Booth Props designed by Sanqunetti Design .  They come in several formats so it’s very vertitle to use.  You can print and hand cut with scissors or SVG files are also included to use with your Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot.  Then you can attach to wooden skewers or sticks, and they are completed!  I also wanted to give a special thanks to SVG Shop for preparing the SVG files and taking the photos.

What about the background?
There are lots of possibilities on ways you can create or use your backdrop.
– You can just use your walls, if you have a nice open space.
– Craft paper, I bought a roll that I use for parites at my local craft & education store.
– Material draped over a curtain rod, try some fun glittery ones or other fun patterns.

You can also create a fun photo booth by using a refrigerator box.  I found this cute little idea at Free Family Activities

  • Cut out a window and a door and decorate the booth with signs
  • Set up a digital camera and place it on a tripod outside of the booth, facing the booth window.
  • Place a high stool in the booth for the kids to sit on

You can also expand on the refrigerator box idea by using gift wrap or paint.  Decorate it how ever you like.

Need additional props? Along with the MyGrafico Photo Booth props here are some more things you can keep in a basket beside the photo booth

  • Wigs
  • Various funny hats like cowboy, pirate, sailor, joker etc.
  • Princess crowns
  • Oversized party glasses
  • feather boas
  • clown noses and bowties
  • Big photo frames with out the glass

I hope you have lots of FUN at your next photo booth party!

3 thoughts on “Fun at the Photo Booth

  1. I am so glad that you offer these now. I had a photo booth at my last party and had a time finding props that I could make myself. I’m glad to know where to go the next time I do it again.

    If you need a quick, easy, and cheap way to make a photo booth, we shared how we made ours on our blog here:

    Hope that helps someone! Thanks again! I’ll be back soon. We had a great time with our booth!

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